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Agribusiness and the tourism economy have been identified as important growth sectors of halal business in connection with the economic development policies of the countries of the UEMOA and ECOWAS.

  1. The halal business is strongly associated with the development priorities of the WAEMU / ECOWAS agriculture, agribusiness, livestock, fishing

The halal business is strongly associated with these economic sectors. Africa can prosper and enter the emergence without the opportunities afforded to him agriculture, livestock and agribusiness.

WAEMU in its common agricultural policy, has placed great emphasis on the agricultural potential of the area in terms of arable land, water and labor resources.

For ECOWAS, promoting the development of agro-industry is an essential and dynamic factor in the assurance of food security, poverty reduction, engaging the

The rapid and widespread economic growth must focus on agriculture, food and the resources, services and technologies associated with them. In developing programs of the different countries of the WAEMU / ECOWAS, including Senegal Emerge Programme (PSE), agriculture is regarded as a main pillar for economic growth with the availability of water and land resources.

  2. The halal business is also associated with the development of the tourism economy

Forward thinking entrepreneurs have developed the halal tourism targeting the huge potential of Muslim consumers wishing to travel in accordance with their religious beliefs and values.

So the halal tourism or tourism “muslim friendly” is a product of the tourism industry that provides benefits and a lifestyle consistent with expectations of a Muslim clientele (prayer rooms, halal food and drinks, places, and pools gyms, city tours and religious sites). This halal tourism is very recent reported US $ 116 billion in 2011 and its annual growth is 5%.

The Forum aims to encourage partnerships and economic exchanges between enterprises of ECOWAS and UEMOA zones and investors Halal Business, mobilize financing for industries with high potential for labor and wealth creation.