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The halal food market accounts for 20% of world food trade and is estimated at almost US $ 670 billion to an impressive annual growth of 15%. The potential of the African food market is $ 150 billion of US and West Africa with nearly 240 million Muslims already a large pool of consumers.

The halal business market affects the whole of what is called “Islamic products” Halal food (meat and derived products, fish products, soft drinks, baby halal pots, spices, seasonings) and non halal food. This non-halal food, which is estimated at 2.3 trillion US $, deals with objects and services whose production and management also demand Recommendations of Islam (halal tourism, halal fashion, crafts halal, halal cosmetics, halal pharmaceutical halal edition halal household products, children’s toys halal, halal TV, halal marketing ..). Add to this market, outstanding Islamic finance, which was valued at 1.8 trillion in 2013 while it was $ 1.1 trillion in 2011.